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What is Mastria Rent a Car?
Mastria Rent a Car is a vehicle rental service available for all Mastria customers. Mastria Rent a Car was designed to assist our customers by offering quality temporary transportation - from service loaners or insurance replacement vehicles to retail rentals for extended test-drives.

Why should I choose Mastria Rent a Car instead of another rental company?
Unlike other rental companies, Mastria Rent a Car is dealer based. This allows us to offer rental vehicles to our service customers at a very competitive price for as long as their car is in for service. We can also deliver or pick up the rental if you can't come to us.

Are Mastria Rent a Car rates competitive with other rental agencies?
Yes. At Mastria, we are committed to satisfying current and prospective Mastria customers by providing a convenient rental service. We are able to offer very competitive rates since we own our rental vehicles and view our rental service as a necessary program to solely convenience our customers. Check with our dealership for exact rates and availability.

Can I rent a vehicle at one location and return it to another location?
Absolutely. You can rent a vehicle at any of our locations and return it wherever is most convenient for you.
Can I rent from any Mastria our dealership?
Yes, you can rent at any of our dealerships. Each dealership offers their brand specific vehicles for rental. So, if you drive a Nissan and feel most comfortable in a Nissan, then we would suggest renting a Nissan from our Nissan store.

Can I buy the vehicle I am renting?
Absolutely. Most Mastria Rent a Car vehicles are available to purchase after their short four-month in service period. Please check with your dealer for details.

Are there age restrictions on the person renting the Mastria?
Yes. You must be at least 21 years of age to rent a Mastria vehicle. All rental requests are subject to age verification and approval.

Are there any other restrictions?

When you rent a vehicle from Mastria, it will come with a full tank of gas. We ask that the vehicle is returned with a full tank of gas. If the vehicle is returned without a full tank, the renter is subject to paying for the tank to be filled at a price determined by Mastria Service.

You need a valid driver's license and a major credit card in your own name to rent a vehicle from the Mastria Rent a Car program. Proof of full coverage insurance may also be required at the time of rental.

Notes about licenses:

    • A valid license from the Renters state of residence or country of origin is required (i.e., must not be expired, must not have any restrictions).
    • An International Driving Permit or license is acceptable but is not required.
    • A military license is acceptable as long as it is accompanied by the Renters state of residence license, as well as proof that the Renter is on active duty.
    • A Learners Permit is not an acceptable license.
    • A temporary license, permit or application for a Driver's License may be acceptable. Always check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles to verify that such paperwork is valid and has not expired.
    • Some states will hold a Driver's License after a ticket has been issued by police. This ticket is not acceptable.

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